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BREAKING: Ted Nugent One Of 7 Missing After Turk…

Conservative Rocker Ted Nugent is one of seven people still missing after a turkey fryer started a 7-alarm fire in Mystique, Montana. Nugent was the keynote speaker at a charity event that had already fed thousands of hungry people and raised more than $100K when the chaos happened.

Mystique’s Fire Chief says the fire won’t be out for hours but that there is plenty of hope for Nugent and the other missing people:

“The interior of the compound is full of small, self-contained buildings that could be used as protection from a fire like this. Ted Nugent is a survivalist. If anyone figured out a way to live through this, it’s him.”

Volunteers from surrounding towns have been helping the effort, hoping to save their hometown hero. One man, Willis Kittery, says he would do anything to help Nugent:

“Mr. Nugent stopped one day on his way home and helped my 16-year-old daughter change a tire. He didn’t ask for anything in return. He even sent her tickets to all of his events for nearly two years now. He’s a rral class act.”

Nugent’s spokesman says his phone is going to voicemail but that he isn’t worried. Ted’s resilience is well-known, and he knows the area and the compound well. We’re waiting anxiously to hear you’re okay, Ted!


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